I cannot express how great it was to have Kacie as a part of my birth team. This was my second birth but first with a doula. As soon as I met Kacie I knew I wanted her on my side. She is kind and soft spoken and incredibly knowledgable. She was very respectful of my wishes and what I wanted for the birth. When it came down to the actual labor she was a great support helping me breath through the contractions and also providing counter pressure. Kacie made me feel strong, confident, and supported during labor and helped me acheive childbirth without pain medications. I cannot imagine every birthing again without her.

-Nannie Kate

Kacie assisted me in the birth of my daughter in October 2017. With it being my first delivery I was unsure of what to expect. I met with her early on in my pregnancy and she gave me some helpful tips and advice on things to look into such as hypnobirthing classes, birth centers, relaxation techniques, and so much more. I decided to have an unmediated birth at a hospital and Kacie was there to hold my hand through every step of the process and advocated for me with hospital staff when I was unsure or indisposed. She came to my home to meet with my husband and I a few times to familiarize herself with our family, hopes for my delivery and our fears. She also taught my husband counter pressure techniques so they could team up and give me the best support system for the birth experience I wanted. She was there for every moment of uncertainty with advice or encouraging words. She stayed by my side through all the ugly stuff, and brought me back to earth on the verge of a panic attack. She kept her cool, which in turn helped me keep mine. She remained confident in me when I started to break and knew all the right moves to help relieve some of the pains of labor. I delivered my beautiful healthy baby girl at 3:24am and Kacie never left my side until she was in my arms and we were settled in our recovery room. She documented key moments of my labor and even captured some precious moments of the delivery that we will cherish for a life time. My birth experience was perfect every step of the way and I owe it all to her and my amazing husband. We could not have done it without her. If you are considering hiring a doula I HIGHLY recommend Kacie.

-Amanda Hawkins

Without question, hiring Kacie as our Doula was the most important decision that we made regarding our labor and delivery.  Kacie's knowledge and expertise was a tremendous resource throughout both my pregnancy and the delivery.  She provided the emotional and physical support necessary to effect a safe and happy delivery experience and I feel such gratitude for her wisdom, her patience and guideance.  

Kacie's presence allowed my husband to focus on being there as my support and fully engaged while making sure that I had everything that I needed - it really allowed us both to enjoy the full experience of childbirth.  Kacie was calm, patient and professional and I truly believe that my labor and delivery experience was fully enhanced by her presence.  When complications occurred, Kacie could explain the situation and options in understandable terms which kept me calm and focused. She was a full advocate of MY birth plan and became my rock in the delivery room.  She was steady in her demeanor, calm and collected in spite of some difficulties, always positive and supportive and allowed this profound experience to really be one that my husband and I cherish. 

-Kacie Spoonhour

I cannot imagine how my labor would have gone without Kacie. As soon as we met her, we were excited to have her on our birth team – she was warm, gentle, and extremely personable. This was my first delivery and Kacie was such a support to me and my husband, especially since the labor was long and hard, and ultimately, I had to have a c-section. She was patient and calm throughout the whole process and assisted in so many ways: emotional support, providing counterpressure and massage to make the contractions less painful, and coaching my husband through the process. She helped me take a shower and even brushed my hair to help me feel more human during the process. Whenever a medical complication arose, it was such a comfort to discuss options with Kacie and have someone by my side who was so knowledgeable. I had really wanted to go through the labor unmedicated and I only lasted as long as I did without pain medication because of Kacie. I highly recommend her as a doula – her passion for helping women through the birthing process clearly shines through! 

-Priya Ramanujam

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