Meet Kacie Thompson Fuller, CD(DONA)

‚ÄčKacie is a  mother to two wonderful daughters who came by their own unique births. She grew up in Omaha, NE and Preston, ID then moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah. While attending the University of Utah, she met and married her husband. They settled in the Sugar House area and enjoy the convenience and culture of the area. 

The time she spent attending the University of Utah shaped Kacie's academic interests. She majored in Human Development with emphasis in Child Life. During this time, she was also employed as a phlebotomist. After a ten month internship at Primary Children's Medical Center, she became a Certified Child Life Specialist. Though allowing her certification to lapse after five years of not working in the field, she maintains her skills through frequent continued education. Many of the skills she learned while providing physical and emotional support to children in pediatric care settings have carried over in her skills and love of being a doula. Her sibling support package is shaped around the knowledge she attained as a Child Life Specialist. Kacie started Sugar House Doula in January of 2016.

Kacie volunteers weekly at La Leche League of Salt Lake City offering breastfeeding support to families in Salt Lake. She also helps accredit new La Leche leaders in Utah and Idaho.

In December of 2017, Kacie filled a vacancy at Guided Exploration Preschool and began sharing her love of early childhood with her students there. The unique co-op nature of the preschool leaves her free to support families throughout the school year. 

Kacie loves hiking the mountains of the Salt Lake Valley. She enjoys cooking a full real food diet for her family. Reading is also a favorite pastime. She rarely meets a science fiction book she doesn't like. Kacie also enjoys yoga and weight lifting for exercise. She also dabbles in playing the ukulele. Spending time with friends and her extended family fills her weekends. She considers her year to be a success if she gets to sink her toes in a sandy beach. 

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