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​​Kacie is certified as a birth doula through DONA International and has the experience needed to serve you. Prodoula provided her with the excellent training she needed to provide mothers with postpartum care. She is accepting birth clients and sibling support clients for hospital, home and birth center births. She has experience supporting medical interventions, natural birth, Hypnobabies, Bradley, VBAC, and cesarean births. 

Complementary Consultation

Introductory meeting to decided if I will be an addition to your birth support team. Generally 30 minutes, in your home.  

Birth Doula Package $875

2 In-home prenatal visits 

Phone and email support for any questions

Continuous support throughout labor until about 2 hours after birth

Breastfeeding Support

1 postpartum visit, with optional second visit if needed.

Notes from your birth​

Sibling Support Package $875

2 In-home prenatal visits with you and your child

Continuous and complete physical and emotional support for your child throughout your labor 

Assist with seamless transition from birthing place to long term care if needed. 

2 postpartum visits with your child to process the addition of a sibling. 

​Postpartum Doula Package- $500

20 hour package (scheduled in four 5 hour daytime sessions or two 10 hour overnight sessions)

Mother care and infant feeding support

Newborn care (singletons and multiples)

Meal planning

Household tasks

Parenting Support Package- $250

10 hours of support during parental transition times to use as needed

Weaning support

Sleep transition

General parenting questions